After a considerable experience in the trade of coffee and an employment in the trade of furnishings for shops, in 1985 Egidio Uguccioni founded Crearredo Rimini Srl, with the aim of selling furnishings created by following the industrial concept.
In the past the production of equipment and furnishings was a prerogative of craftsman companies. However, the years elapsed, and thanks to a continuous technologic evolution, at the end of the 60s, a new ideology caught on: the ideology of producing furnishings following the industrial concept. In the course of the years the market accepted this ideology and understood its contents of quality, reliability and economic competitiveness.

Nowadays Crearredo Rimini Srl is composed by a team of people always updated. They constantly follow the evolution of time by a continuous updating of technologies. Moreover they focus on the assiduous research of new materials for aesthetic and functional solutions suitable for the real needs of both environment and customer, in order to always offer a wider and more integrated service.

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